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Perforated metal is used in a variety of applications and industries including air diffusers in the HVAC market...

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    Perforated metal is used in a variety of applications and industries including air diffusers in the HVAC market, acoustical panels for noise control, as filter media or support in the water filtration industry, and as architectural elements in building construction. The uses of perforated metal are unlimited. If you have an application that requires control of light, sound, air, water or particles, perforated metal might be your solution.

    Perforated metal can be finished with a variety of coatings to enhance its appearance or increase its longevity. Perforated metal is a highly sustainable material, as it lasts generations without needing to be replaced. Perforated metal can be produced from recycled material and can also be completely recycled when its usefulness is over.

    Properties and Technical Considerations of Perforated Metal

    Perforated metal sheets are used as both architectural and decorative features for countless reasons. To name just a few properties you should consider:

    ·Strength and elasticity. Specific strength varies by material, although it should be noted that for structural purposes, perforated metal has its limits. View this chart to learn more about strength variables and elastic properties of quality perforated metal.

    ·Acoustics. Perforated metal panels can be used to absorb sound or reflect and scatter it, depending on the design. When using perforated metal for acoustic purposes, the metal will often be designed with a specific thickness and configuration to achieve the desired result.

    ·EMI shielding. Perforated metal can be used to enclose electrical devices to attenuate the electromagnetic (EMI/RFI) radiation they emit and to ventilate them at the same time. The pattern and hole size of the perforated metal are important factors that determine theshielding effectiveness.

    ·Air pressure loss. As you plan for design with perforated metal sheets, it is important to consider the estimated energy or pressure loss of the perforated metal plates. Click hereto see estimations for both.

    ·Fluid pressure loss. Similarly, fluid pressure loss through perforated metal screens and other panels should be taken into consideration. More information can be viewed here.

    ·Flatness tolerance. When placed flat, perforated metal has variable flatness tolerance levels. View a detailed chart explaining strengths and limitations here.

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