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Against Rust Excellent Corrosion Gal Fan Coated Steel Wire Gabion Mattresses

GABIONS (Greater than 1' in height) and MATTRESSES (Less than 1' in height) consist of rectangular units, fabricated from a double-twisted hexagonal mesh.

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    DESCRIPTIONS OF galfan coated gabion basket

    GABIONS (Greater than 1' in height) and MATTRESSES (Less than 1' in height) consist of rectangular units, fabricated from a double-twisted hexagonal mesh. Filled with stones, gabions become large, flexible and permeable elements from which a broad range of structures may be built.

    GABIONS or MATTRESSES are divided into cells with diaphragms (usually spaced at 1 meter or 3' intervals), whose function is to reinforce the structure. The mesh (except for the diaphragms) is reinforced on all edges with wires of a larger diameter to strengthen the gabions and facilitate the assembly and installation.

    Specifications of galfan coated gabion basket:

    mesh Opening(mm)

    Inner Wire diameter(mm)

    Gabion Mesh Sizes

    gabion Basket

    Gabion Mattress

    Sack Gabion



    2x25m, 2x50m or as per request

    1x1x1m, 1x1x0.5m,
    2x1x1m, 2x1x0.5m,
    3x1x1m, 3x1x0.5m,
    4x1x1m, 4x1x10.5m,
    Or as per request

    3x2x0.17m, 4x2x0.23m, 6x2x0.3m, 6x2x0.23m,
    or as per request

    2.0 x 0.65m, 3.0 x 0.65m,
    or as per request.











    Surface Treatment of galfan coated gabion basket

    1) Hot-dip galvanized, ( Zinc coating: 50g/m2)

    2) Heavy Hot-dip galvanized, ( Zinc coating: Min 240g/m2)

    3) Galfan Coating, (Zn - 5Al - MM coating)

    4) Electro Galvanized +PVC Coated, Hot-dip galvanized+PVC Coated, Heavy Hot-dip galvanized +PVC Coated

    5) Galfan coating +PVC Coated,

    Technical standard of galfan coated gabion basket as following list:

    1) All the gabion mesh/wire/box sizes specifications according to ASTMA975.

    2) Zinc-Coated SteelWire as perASTM_A641, Class 3 Coating, soft temper.

    3) PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) Coated, Ho gabion rock t-dip Galvanized First.

    4) Zn - 5Al - MM Coated SteelWire as perASTMA 856/A 856M, Class 3 coating, soft temper

    5) PVC Coating requirements according to ASTM Standard and EN 10245-2 Standard.

    Applications of galfan coated gabion basket

    Gabions and mattresses are widely used for hydraulic and geo- technical control such as retaining walls, riverbank protections, weirs, channel linings etc.  

    * Control and guide of water or flood,  

    * Flood bank or guiding bank,

    * Preventing of rock breaking 

    * Water and soil protection

    * Bridge protection 

    * Strengthening structure of soil

    * Protection engineering of seaside area

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